Super cool Altoids Speaker #ttw17

We made portable speakers for Teen Tech Week and boy, are these things cool! Check it out:

Wanna know how it’s made? Read on, my friends!


  • Empty altoids tin
  • Old headphones/earbuds
  • Discarded singing greeting card
  • Drill
  • Foam (like the kind that comes with a new TV)
  • Felt
  • Hot glue
  • Matches/lighter (flame)
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire strippers (and/or flathead screwdriver)
  • Scissors


  • Prepare your Altoids tin by drilling a hole in the side.
  • Prepare your headphones/earbuds by choosing how long you want the cord to be and cutting the earbuds off at that point. You will only need one wire, so choose one and trim off the other. You will be using the jack-end and discarding the buds. Strip about 1/2″ of the insulation off the wires.
  • Taking a match or lighter, run exposed portion of the headphone wires through the flame briefly to remove any coating that prevents new connections.
  • Take your greeting card and carefully remove the speaker by snipping the two white wires that connect it to the chip (as close to the chip as possible). Strip 1/2″ of insulation off the wires (you might need to carefully use a flathead or your fingernail to scrape off the insulation, as these wires are too thin for a standard wire stripper).
  • Connect your headphone jack wires to your speaker wires by twisting them together. Be sure to run them through the hole in the Altoids tin first. Secure all points of exposure with electrical tape.
  • Trim the foam to fit snuggly into your Altoids tin.
  • Set the speaker where you plan to affix it on top of the foam and trace the outline. Repeat with the felt. Using a scissors or blade, cut/gouge out a little cove for your speaker to sit in so that it lies flush with the top of the foam. Using a little hot glue, dab the connection points on the back of the speaker and then a few spots around the speaker and set it back into the foam. Dab some more hot glue on the top of the foam and set your felt on top so that your speaker is peaking through.


  • Close the lid and there you have it. A portable speaker in an Altoids tin!





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