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Jan Brett in Waupaca…My inner-child just exploded!

If you missed Jan Brett‘s visit to Waupaca, have no fear–I’m reporting about it here!


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While the preceding post discusses Jan Brett’s visit to Waupaca, WI on Sunday, Dec 4, 2016, I would just like to make it clear that I played no part in getting her to come. I just wanted to be able to take my daughter to see her and enjoy myself because visits from major authors the likes of Jan Brett can be a lot of work and really are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Waupaca Area Public Library has a very nice exhibit room that is used to showcase various displays: some local, some national, all amazing. We were fortunate to have been able to come up with enough money to showcase “The World of Jan Brett” which features more than 50 original paintings and illustrations. Original artwork introduces cultures from around the world and draws visitors into the world of their favorite books. It also features 66 original paintings from Jan Brett’s bestselling books.

This amazing, free exhibit has been open to the public during library hours, and was sponsored by the Waupaca School District, Waupaca Library Foundation, Wisconsin Public Service, Waupaca Breakfast Rotary, the Shopko Foundation, Neuville Motors, Farmers State Bank, Riverhill Dental, Crystal River Inn Bed and Breakfast, Waupaca Foundry, Embellishments, the Bookcellar and Dianna and Jim Klismet.

Jan Brett sometimes makes stops along her book tour at places showcasing her exhibit — so, when I heard that she was making a stop in Waupaca, my inner-child did this…


Credit: http://www.giphy.com


She gave a brief presentation about her new book, Gingerbread Christmas, offering quips and anecdotes on her writing process. She also introduced the audience to two of her muses: Elf, and his wife, Gabriela, two polish chickens touring with Brett and her husband. She concluded her presentation with a drawing lesson and then proceeded into the commons to sign books and briefly chat with fans.

My daughter, being only 17-weeks old, had had enough excitement right around the time Ms. Brett began her drawing lesson so I was not able to meet her. Still, seeing her presentation live and getting a signed copy of The Mitten for my daughter to enjoy as she grows up was priceless. Check out these photos from the event:

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As always, thanks for reading!




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