Book Review: “I Work at a Public Library” by Gina Sheridan

I work at a public libraryIt is not often in this profession, that we–in the Youth Services–are able to read for our own pleasure. There are just way too many children’s and YA books that come out every month to keep up. One of my Information Services colleagues recommended that I read I Work at a Public Library by Gina Sheridan, stating that it would only take an hour or two…”and it’s totally worth it.” He was right. This book is hilarious! It is based on a blog of the same name (here) and chronicles the everyday occurrences, encounters, and over-hearings that come along with being a librarian. One of my favorites from the book was an instance in which the librarian came across a copy of the Walt Whitman book, Leaves of Grass and inside, a patron wrote, “To my other favorite W.W.” Breaking Bad fans will get why that is amusing. I highly recommend that every librarian read this book and contribute to the blog. The link is listed below, if you missed it earlier.




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