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If I Stay Movie Review

So, I was going to write out this long book-to-movie review for If I Stay because there were really a lot of things that I wanted to say about this movie. Then, I stumbled upon “Wrapped Up in Books,” a blog by “a feminist gemini vegetarian librarian” and I changed my mind. Molly’s review of If I Stay was so spot-on that I chose, instead; to share her post with you. I encourage you to follow her blog…it’s pretty great.

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wrapped up in books

I had the opportunity to go to an advance screening of If I Stay last week, courtesy of Rainy Day Books, my favorite Kansas City Independent bookstore. Since I was a huge fan of the book (you can see my review of it and Where She Went, which I liked even better, here) I was hopeful about the adaptation.

It was…okay. I tried not to get my hopes up too high, and I was mostly satisfied. My complaints, as usual, come down to the script. Hollywood has a way of sucking out all the magic of a story, and they definitely siphoned off a little of this one by focusing on the romance at the expense of the scenes that captured what Mia’s family and friends were like.

I was not a huge fan of Chloe Moretz or Jamie Blackley, but their performances were on point. It was…

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