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2014 Teen Expo Pre-conference at WLA Annual: Maker Mingle

20141104_144558On Tuesday, November 4, I set up a Makerspace at the Teen Pre-conference for WLA (Wisconsin Library Association) to showcase my Nerdfighter program. Having just finished my first year of service as Waupaca’s Teen Services Librarian, I was incredibly flattered to have been asked to set up a booth at this Pre-conference, but struggled with deciding which activity to bring for the makerspace. With the recent release of The Fault in Our Stars movie, I decided to bring a craft related to that…especially since it was so recently all-the-buzz among teens.20141104_144553 Teenage patrons are back in school, so I thought a Post-it® note mini TFIOS book keychain would be a great little craft to share with my fellow YA librarians because it’s something that teens can hook to their backpacks and use on-the-go. I’d say this craft was a pretty big hit at the Pre-Conference, so I thought I’d also share it here with you all.

TFIOS Book Keychain

Materials Needed: – 1.5” x 2” Post-it® notes; split each into 3rds or quarters – Cardstock; blue or assorted colors (pre-cut into 2-1/8” x 3-1/2”) – Scissors – Bone folders – Ruler – Crop-a-dile® (1/8 and 3/16 hole punch) – Eyelets (3/16) – 1” binder rings – Scrapbooking tape/double sided tape or rubber cement – Scrap demco book laminate   Directions: Step 1: Split Post-it® notes into 3rds or quarters and cut card stock to 2-1/8” x 3-1/2” Step 2: Using the bone folder, crease the cardstock so that it will fit around the Post-it® note (like a book). 20141106_135424 Step 3: Decorate the front “cover” using a printed miniature book cover–you can prep this ahead of time by printing book covers of favorite books or, if you are artistic, you can decorate the cover freehand. If you choose to print your covers, they will need to be about 1.5” x 2”. Glue or tape this image down to the front cover and apply Demco book laminate from the far left edge of the front cover (right next to the spine) around to the inside front cover. This will add some durability. Trim the excess. 20141106_13584020141106_13584820141106_135930 20141106_140007 20141106_140023                                             Step 4: Punch a 3/16 hole in the upper left corner of the Post-it® note (adhesive to the left, so that it opens like a book) 20141106_135721                   Step 5: Place the Post-it® note inside the cardstock cover and mark the hole. Using the Crop-a-dile®, punch a hole in the back cover. Step 6: Glue or tape the Post-it® to the inside of the back cover, making sure that your holes match up. 20141106_135824                   Step 7: Mark your hole on the inside of the front cover. Using the Crop-a-dile®, punch a hole in the front cover and place an eyelet for a stronger hold. The eyelet should only be through the front cover. 20141106_14020420141106_140217 20141106_14024720141106_14030220141106_140313                                                   Step 8: Connect your binder ring to the book. 20141106_140459                     Step 9: Don’t forget to be awesome! 😉20141106_142440          


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