Performance Review: The Wonders of Physics Traveling Science Show

crestContact: Mike Randall, Wonders of Physics Outreach Coordinator
UW-Madison Department of Physics
Chamberlin Hall, Room 1209
Phone: 608-262-2927

Description (from website): A Wonders of Physics show is a 45-60 minute physics demonstration show, featuring fun, engaging, and educational demonstrations that are great for students and adults of all ages. Shows cover a broad range of physics topics, including motion, heat, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. Audience participation is encouraged!

Wonders of Physics shows are great for all grade levels. The show presenter will tailor the show to your students’ grade level(s). Grouping similar grade levels will allow for the best possible experience.

Fee: The cost of the first show will be $500 and $250 for each additional show on the same day.

Travel: Additional travel costs will be added for shows outside of Dane County, WI.

Review: I hired Mike to perform a Wonders of Physics Show for the Teen Summer Reading Program, Spark a Reaction. The program drew in an audience of 28—mostly teens (middle- through high school-age) though there were 2 adults and 2 children under 10 years old. The small size of the group was ideal for the hands-on activities that Mike showcased. He got the group excited and engaged, asked thought-provoking questions, and tested their physics knowledge. Most of the demos were really cool. Besides the science, he showcased great classroom management skills—keeping my group of rowdy teens in line throughout the performance. At the conclusion of the show, he brought out a makeshift hovercraft for his encore and it was a major hit! I had teens asking if we could build hovercrafts for the next two weeks!

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