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Book Review: The War Within These Walls by Aline Sax

War within these wallsThe War within These Walls by Aline Sax (Hybrid Novel Review)

This is a sobering story of WWII Warsaw. Misha’s family has been relocated to the ghetto where Jews die daily from starvation and disease. He goes to extreme lengths to help provide for his family, even resorting to crawling through the sewers to get to the outside world to retrieve food. Eventually, the ghetto is emptied out as many Jews are relocated to concentration camps. Fear and anger are prominent emotions for Misha—and despite struggling to survive–he takes a stand in the Warsaw Uprising. Told through text and blue-and-white illustrations, this hybrid novel is a gut-wrenching, poignant tale of survival amidst oppression.

 My Reaction

I enjoyed this fictionalized telling of the Warsaw Uprising. I thought the illustrations were chaotic, but still beautiful. The use of blue and white pencil drawings gave the story a very sobering feel. My heart ached for Misha and his family. This is a great story to help give context to any WWII history lesson involving Poland, the Holocaust, and Jewish Internment.

Themes: Holocaust, Poland, Jewish, Warsaw, Occupation, 1939-1945, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Warsaw Uprising, Warsaw Ghetto


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