Spark a Reaction: Nerdfighters, SciShow & Nikola Tesla

The 2014 Teen Summer Reading Program is underway! For this, my first Summer Reading Program, I’ve come up with a special blog (here) for the teens of Waupaca. There they can register, submit book reviews, obtain challenges and submit points (with the help of a teen staff member) because everything they do this summer is worth points. That means reading, attending programs, completing challenges, etc. will all translate into awesome prizes! These points are reflected on our leaderboard (here).

scishow header
*image credit: property of SciShow, obtained from

One of the programs teens can attend for points is our Nerdfighter gathering, which has a special emphasis on SciShow for the summer.

For Thursday, June 19, here is the game plan for our SciShow gathering:


All about Tesla, Tesla Coils, and their…Music?

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, best known for his work witSPARKteslah electricity…specifically, the Tesla coil. He worked in New York City with Thomas Edison in the late 1800s, after which, he went on to pursue the idea of wireless lighting. In the early 1900s, Tesla worked on building the Wardenclyffe Tower (aka, the Tesla Tower), which while never fully operational, was meant to demonstrate the  benefits of broadcasting radiant energy. The tower was demolished in 1917. For more in depth information, check out these awesome videos!


Infusion: Nikola Tesla


…you can make your own Tesla Coil!!! (Not for beginners)


…And they sing!!!


Don’t worry, John, we didn’t forget about you…

This week, from vlogbrothers…



And our assignment for the next Nerdfighters gathering: Read the first four chapters of Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo, available here, here, and here (for Wisconsin InfoSoup library users). We will be watching the following video prior to book discussion.



DFTBA! See you on Thursday!



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