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What’s Happening Waupaca?

When it comes to Teen Services and getting teens to attend programs, it is important to exhaust all of your promotional avenues. This has been one of my challenges as a new librarian and as a newcomer to the community. For my fall programming line-up, I relied almost entirely on social media and in-house forms of advertisement, but was missing a huge portion of my community because some teens just don’t frequent the library and, therefore, might miss the advertisement for library programs that might be right up their alley. One of the goals that I have set for myself for the next six months is to work on finding and utilizing better marketing for my department and my programs.

This brings me to the topic of the day: “What’s Happening Waupaca?”, a local cable-access television program for Waupaca county. One of the teens that frequents the library, who also happens to be the president of our Student Library Advisory Group (SLAG), works for Win-TV and asked me if I would be interested in appearing on the program. I answered with a hesitant “yes” … Or maybe it was more like a hesitant “I guess…” I have never been one to excel in front of the camera, but marketing is marketing and a goal is a goal.

On Wednesday, I showed up for my television debut in the basement of Waupaca’s City Hall (which also happens to be connected to the library), where the Win-TV studio is located. I waited nervously to be interviewed by Joni, the host of the program. To my surprise, the interview lasted less that six minutes and was a breeze…nothing to be nervous about. Now that I got those first-time-TV-appearance-jitters out of the way, I will be more eager to make subsequent appearances on the program; I maybe even make an appearance or two on Waupaca’s local radio station, WDUX. We’ll see. I think it’s safe to say, though, that I am well on my way to meeting my goal of being a more ambitious program promoter…because, if I don’t promote my own programs, no one else will.

You can watch my appearance on the show by clicking the video below the behind-the-scenes photo slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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