What?! The biographies have moved?


Yes, the biographies have been moved. So now, the biggest question I get at the Children’s desk is, “Where can I find a book about ___?” Due to the frequency of such questions, I put up a display promoting biographies’ new home. The display includes a map of the department with directions to the new location, foot prints leading from the display to the new location and shelf-talkers throughout the nonfiction collection describing that biographies will no longer be found interfiled with the other nonfiction, but on a shelf of their own (in Dewey order). I have included photos below, some of the which are a bit blurry, my apologies.

This display has only been up for a few days, but we are already seeing foot traffic in the biographies section. The foot prints on the floor have also been popular. Toddlers to tweens follow them (and dance on them) and they are a great conversation starter.

Patron: “Where do these foot prints go?”

Library staff: “Oh, I am so glad you asked! Let’s follow them and find out.”

Biography displayBiography 004

Biography 012Biography 005

Biography 006

BiographyBiography 010




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