Time does fly by

Holy smokes! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. The Summer Reading Program is done and long gone and we’re are encroaching on Christmastime (aka “The Holidays,” for those who wish to be P.C. about it). My apologies for the lack of posting during this time, but my gosh have I been busy. Here’s a quick timeline of my activities since June.

July– I got engaged! My fiance took me to see my favorite band of all time (Aerosmith) in Milwaukee, WI and he proposed when we got back to our hotel. What a sweetie!

August– I finished my internship at Oshkosh Public Library on the 10th.  There was a Children’s Librarian vacancy at Oshkosh Public Library, which I did put in for.  I also continued to work for Fond du Lac Public Library as a Children’s Services Library Assistant.

September and October– Fall classes started. I took: Reference and User Services, Information Literacy Pedagogy, and Library Service to Children and Young Adults. Of those courses, Library Service to Children and Young Adults was the most engaging. It was taught by the one and only Marge Loch-Wouters, of La Crosse Public Library fame. If you have not heard of Ms. Loch-Wouters and you are in the world of Children’s Library Service, I suggest you check out her blog immediately (here). It is fun and informative… definitely on my blogroll.  I also applied for and interviewed for various librarian position, and received quite a few rejections. No biggie. There will be other fish. 🙂 Fond du Lac Public Library also just hired a new Children’s Coordinator. She is a lot of fun and is bringing new life to the Children’s Department.

November and December-This was a slow month. I concentrated on my studies because there were some major papers  due in early December. I celebrated my 26th birthday in early December. My fiance, a few friends and I went out for Japanese hibachi. It was a lot of fun! Classes are finally done! I am now down to one more semester before being a full-fledged YS librarian! Woohoo! I have my resume, cover letters and a few applications ready to be sent out early next week for positions across Wisconsin and a few other states. How exciting!?

Well, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful holiday! And Good luck surviving Dec 21, 2012! 😉 (I’m going wedding dress shopping on that day, so hopefully the world doesn’t end).



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