Not so relaxing summer

Monday marks the first day of the Summer Reading Program and both, the library I work at and the library I intern at. In both cases, the theme is “Dream Big, Read!” We have some great things planned and I am especially excited for my Lego Club. I was bumped up to full-time at Fond du Lac…and with my internship and another LIS class, I am already dragging. Luckily, the kids in the Children’s Department have an excitement that is contagious. Thank goodness for that.

I have completed the first 20 hours (2 weeks) of my internship/practicum at Oshkosh Public Library and everything seems to be going well. I get along with all the staff (the I have met so far), I enjoy what I am doing–it is basically an extension of my job in Fond du Lac, and I am learning a lot. My major project is to establish/help establish Early Literacy Kits for check out/in-library use. These would include learning tools/toys that would promote parent-child engagement. I’m sure by now we all have heard the mantra, “The parent is the child’s first and best teacher.” If you haven’t heard it before, when you delve into anything related to Early Literacy, you will see it time and time again.

I have also been in the process of writing a grant for the funding of a Literacy Nook created by the Burgeon Group. Their work is phenomenal! We already have one structure at our satellite branch (Express), but I would like to add another one to our Main branch because the play area is not not being utilized properly and contains out-dated toys and crummy puzzles. It needs a major face-lift. The Burgeon Group is our ticket back to the present times. I read an amazing article in ALSC’s publication, Children and Libraries, related to the value of play within library children’s departments. The article, it’s title eludes my at the moment, confirmed my belief that children learn a lot through play.  I believe that it is essential that we, as library professionals and para-professionals, are equipped with the tools to help foster this type of learning–that which is done through play. I will find the article and list the citation later.

As you can tell, I have been a very busy future librarian. I hope that you will forgive and lapse in postings during this hectic, yet exciting time. I will try to post some exciting news related to SRP 2012 as these events unfold.




One thought on “Not so relaxing summer

  1. As promised, here’s the citation to one of the most beneficial articles in the Spring 2012 issue of Children and Libraries:
    Kim Van der Veen, et al. “We Play Here!.” Children & Libraries: The Journal Of The Association For Library Service To Children 10, no. 1 (Spring2012 2012): 3-52. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed June 21, 2012).

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