Continuing Education


What a ridiculous Saturday! It all started when my boyfriend and I decided to hit the road for Chicago, but forgot to bring the Garmin car charger…and the directions to the McCormick Building. We got into Illinois and the Garmin died. We decided to turn off in Skokie to find a Best Buy to purchase a new charger…that took at least an hour. After we finally got a hold of a charger, the Garmin’s battery was so depleted that it would not turn on while charging (for a while anyway). Eventually we go to Chicago, but there were no visible signs for the C2E2 Expo, so we weren’t sure where exactly to go. I drove around the block and finally into an underground parking facility attached to the McCormick building. We walked up to North building and had finally arrived. It was packed, but totally worth it. There were a lot of great costumes: zombies, Ghostbusters, superheroes of all kinds and various other pop culture costumes. We walked around a little bit, but because we were so late (having gotten lost and without a working Garmin), we missed both of the exhibitors that I was looking forward to. We did get to see Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun, though. They were very entertaining. Steven is quite funny, an aspect of his character we rarely see on The Walking Dead (television series). After the Q&A with Lauren and Steven, my boyfriend and I left. We got to Milwaukee at around 8pm and had dinner at one of the worst Olive Garden’s I have ever been to. We finally left Milwaukee at 9:30 or so and got home around 10:30 or 11:00pm. Despite the mishaps, I will definitely be in attendance next year! Sorry I was not able to give you more details on the exhibitors. I will do my best next year!




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