Continuing Education

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)

April 13 – 15, 2012

I am officially pumped for C2E2 2012! Graphic novels are a fantastic learning aid for people of all ages and I am excited to see what this expo has to offer. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend on Sunday (Kids Day). Nonetheless, there are some great guests lined up for this year including Anne Rice (The Vampire Chronicles) Val Kilmer (Batman Forever, Top Gun, etc.), Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) among others. For a full list of guests, visit the C2E2 website at

I will be present on Saturday and will provide an update about the event(s) afterwards for those interested. I am especially excited for a few particular events: “Bringing Video Games to Life: The Men Behind the Motion” and “Behind the Graphics: a Video Game Industry Round Table.” As for booths, I will be visiting the ALA booth (840) and a few choice others. I can’t wait to share my experience with you all. Until then.




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