My Life in Library Land

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about someone else’s life.” The answer to that question is simple: curiosity, networking, and just plain fun. I am a 25-year-old Library School student in pursuit of a career in Youth Services. I am almost halfway done with my MLIS program and I have noticed one major trend…all the cool librarians have blogs. Yes, peer pressure happens…even to us adults. I did not always want to be a librarian, in fact; I spent my entire childhood and young adult life thinking I would end up as a teacher. I had a wonderful kindergarten teacher whose influence and love for her students was the initial cause for my lifelong dream of being a teacher….a kindergarten teacher. A few months into my 5th grade school year, my family moved and I struggled to be accepted into a new classroom. My fifth grade teacher made me feel welcome and appreciated and changed my mind about which grade level I would teach. Then, High School showed me how fantastic and interesting history can be and my mind changed again…I was going to teach High School History…more specifically World Studies. I have always found Russian history fascinating and so I devoted my historical studies in college to it, along with education courses, but after a study abroad trip to Russia and Estonia, I decided that teaching is not the profession for me. I want to help children and teens in a different way. Enter Librarianship. I was recently hired as a Library Assistant in the Children’s Department of my hometown library and after my first month of employment, I can honestly say, I have found my calling. On an ironic side note, my supervisor is that wonderful woman that taught my kindergarten class 20 years ago. Talk about coming full-circle.

And now, on to the real purpose of this blog…I have never been very good at keeping journals, so this blog is a personal project of mine. I will be sharing the things I learn in my classes, the projects I work on during my practicum experience and the programs I plan at my new job. I hope to learn from those that comment on my blog posts and I hope that you all can learn from me.

Since starting my job, my library has been revving up for our summer reading program: Dream Big, Read. I have been put in charge of setting up a LEGO Club. I have currently discovered, through numerous other librarian blogs that it would be much cheaper to use Mega Bloks (Micro). They are more than half of the price of LEGOs and virtually undistinguishable when intermingled with name brand LEGOs—other than minor color variations. I would be open to a practicing librarian’s/educator’s/etc. advice as to how to kick start a great LEGO Club. Any suggestions for themes that really work? Suggestions as to how many LEGOs are really needed for a group of no more than 25 3rd – 5th graders?

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “My Life in Library Land

  1. We have similar paths. I too had a great history teacher in high school that made me want to pursue a career in teaching. I recently graduated with a BA in History looking to get my teaching credentials. Then I found the MLIS degree and I have applied for the SJSU MLIS program. I am going to do some further research into Librarianship, but so far I feel it is the right path for me.

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